A five-day nature trail loop in the Ticino Alps

An experience like no other

This high-altitude trail in the mountains of Vallemaggia, Leventina and Formazza runs 61 km above the tree line: the five-day tour takes you through one of the most extraordinary regions of the Alps. The Alpine lake trail offers the perfect opportunity to practise high-altitude trekking..

14 lakes

Highlights of this tour include the Basodino glacier and Mount Cristallina as well as springs and waterfalls, rivers, snow and, above all, many lakes: Water is the theme that accompanies hikers throughout the trek. This five-day trek takes you past 14 small Alpine lakes: Froda, Nero, Bianco, Robiei, Boden, Castel, Toggia, Cavagnöö, Sfundau, Val Sabbia, Fornà and Sambuco.

Great flexibility

Take on the challenge of a five-day hike: you might just discover a new passion! The trail offers a serene experience: After the first challenging day's hike, each following stage is a rapid descent to the valley floor (Robiei cable car, Val Formazza road, Fusio-Naret consortium road).

4 nights

Fusio is the perfect starting point for the Alpine lake trek. In the village at the top of Val Lavizzara—reachable by PostBus—you can choose whether to be pampered at Hotel Fusio, spend the night at the Antica Osteria Dazio in the heart of the village, enjoy the view from Villa Pineta or stay at the municipal hostel accommodating groups (booking required). After spending the night at the Poncione di Braga refuge, in Robiei you can then stay either at a hotel or in a mountain hut. For the last two stages of the tour, you will stay at the Maria Luisa refuge and the Cristallina mountain hut, which have a number of rooms of different types and delight guests with
typical dishes of the region.

The stages of this fantastic tour